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Piles of Books
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My name is Dr. Claudia Morgan-Morris and I am a retired teacher from New York City Public School.  I believe that children should read because reading is the foundation for success in education. I began writing Children Books that would be fun and can be used across the curriculum.

My inspiration to write books about this mouse came about when I was

living in Manhattan. I used to take the subway daily and was petrified of the

sights I would see on the tracks. The mice were everywhere and were not

afraid to show their faces. The final straw was when I came face to face

with a mouse at a private daycare. This mouse was determine to spend the

day with me. He was relentless and made it known that he was not going

to "give up" on making his presence known.


Writing has always been a long time hobby and passion for me and after a

lot of contemplation, the inspiration came to me, “write a children’s book

series featuring a mouse named "Dusty.” I decided to give Dusty human

characteristics to help me to overcome my fear.


These books will feature Dusty in many adventures while delivering thought

provoking messages, encouraging child literacy, basic vocabulary, and

comprehension skills. Beginning early language instruction sets the stage

for children to develop advanced levels of proficiency in reading and

language development. Studies have shown repeatedly that early language

development increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of

the mind in young children.


In today’s growing global economy it is important to teach our children to

become better readers by developing these skills at an early age. The

intention is not to write another illustrated book series featuring animals,

but to truly captivate and engage people with vividly appealing stories, set

within unique cultural environments to promote learning and curiosity.



Telephone # 888-463-7323

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