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                Our Curriculum


  • Reading to comprehend by exploring different genres of books

  • Peer/Group discussions

  • Blogging about books they read in Book Club

  • Creating a Diorama (pictorial demonstration) of a chosen book


  • Pen-pal writing to engage in cultural experiences

  • Learning how to write a 4-5 paragraphs essay

  • Writing through ART

Social/Development Activities

  • Creating a VISION BOARD

Project-based Learning

  • Students will create a project that highlights different aspects of their country

  • Students will have an opportunity to learn about 6-8 different countries

  • Taking Virtual Tours to different countries


Community Involvement- PARENT and CHILD

All students MUST choose at least 2 activities for the year

  • Write letters to Children in Hospitals

  • Donate non-perishable goods to shelters or senior homes

  • Befriend an elderly neighbor and offer assistance by carrying their groceries, feeding their pet or (farm animal in certain country), or cleaning their yard

  • Send thank you letters to the troops, police, soldiers, mailman or other service workers

  • Join with some friends to make blessing bags for some Homeless that includes a snack, water, tooth paste, tooth brush, deodorant, new sock, and other items.

  • With help from others make a “comfy blanket” for children in the hospital, homeless shelters, or a child in need of some comfort in their life.

  • Donate your old toys, books, and games to a shelter

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