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The following books are part of the "Where Is Dusty's Book Series written and illustrated by

Dr. Claudia Morgan-Morris.


Dusty Goes To The City

Dusty The Circus Mouse​“Dusty The Circus Mouse” is the first book from the"Where is Dusty?" series.  This book is about a mouse who lived in a quiet village in the country. Dusty woke up one morning and found out that the circus was coming to his town. He was not happy and thought that he should get a job to perform in the circus. One day he visited the circus grounds to meet the animals that were performing and tried to find out about getting a job. The animals teased and laughed at him. Dusty was determine to get a job and used all his skills to trick the different animals. He never gave up, he persevered and got the last laugh in the end.
“Dusty Goes To The Farm" is the second book from the "Where is Dusty?" series. This book is an early reader designed for children ages 3 to 10 years old. Dusty woke up one morning and found out that he was home alone. His family had left for the park and there was no food in the house. Dusty was very hungry and thought that he should visit his neighbors to find food. Dusty's nearest neighbor was a farm that was miles away. When he arrived at the farm, the animals were not friendly. They would not share their food so Dusty left the farm after spending the day without food.

"Dusty Visits The City" is the final book from the "Where is Dusty's series. This book is about a mouse who went back to New York City to visit his friends. Dusty got off the Greyhound bus and rode the subway train to Harlem. On his journey he created many distractions and had to get off the train before getting to his destination. When he finally got to his destination, he missed seeing his friends.

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