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Read for Life Foundation” was launched to fulfill my commitment for social change in improving the reading ability of young children.


The goal is to participate in eliminating the Literacy Gap between the reading ability of children with reading deficiencies and their peers who are able to read fluently. My mission is to work towards accomplishing my dream that one day all children will have the opportunity to become life-long readers and learners. The objective is to empower families and communities to foster the love of reading because it becomes the gateway to literacy and successful citizens.


The “Read for Life Foundation” is dedicated to provide the necessary resources that will support every child to read early and well. Thereby, reaching his or her full potential in school and life. The Foundation will serve families, schools, and communities in the USA, and other countries by providing proven data-driven, programs and tools to help nurture a child's development from birth through third grade and the literacy milestone. This will help to foster essential early literacy, math, and social-emotional skills.

The goal is to start with 10-12 students. 


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