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Are Some Teachers Like Your "Second Mom?"

Updated: May 11, 2023

As teacher-moms, we often tap into all of these roles and so much more. Being a mother undoubtedly influences how I embrace my role as a “teacher-mom”. We embrace our inner motherly instincts and learn how to laugh with, listen to, and love on our student-children with all the qualities we embody. We learn to make sure to be a trusted confidant without compromising our responsibilities as mandated reporters. We listen with non-judgmental ears, but make sure to recognize when we need outside help from trained therapists or counselors. We take on these roles as “second moms,” but make sure that our students understand that they also have real moms or other mother-figures in their lives, who, like all moms, only want what’s best for their children. I, too, want what is best for my students, in the same way I would want what is best for my own son.

What are your thoughts? Do you know teachers who act like your “second mom?”

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